Queen of Darkness

Before she showed up, I had very little knowledge of her. Early forays researching witchcraft had mentioned Hecate as being the Goddess of witchcraft and ghosts. A black page of neon green text that I filed away as future useful. My obsession had gathered on the subject of the Sabbat. A mystical event that sounded like the perfect party plan. Revelling with creatures of the night and dancing the night away. Back then I didn’t necessarily believe in the effectiveness of magic. I was into this stuff for all the lofty reasons. Tricks weren’t on the menu. I wanted the aforesaid mystical experience, visions and hidden knowledge.

It was a short while later that I bought a copy of Jason Miller’s Sorcerer’s Secrets. I had abandoned my old meditation techniques and needed some new ones. One night I felt compelled to use the Gate of Heka meditation as I fell asleep. At the liminal space of each breath cycle, I pooled my awareness to the space between, lungs carrying from each pendulum swing to the next. Pretty soon I had fallen into a deep, trance-like slumber. Then, the dream came in the most formal of manners, announced with a knock at the door.

I was in the living room and aware of a very strong presence outside the door to the block. A powerful and exciting knowing. A strange yet not unwelcome surprise. The knock came and I prepared for the ring at the door to the flat. Before I could turn my attention doorwards, she opened the red door and stood there, half in, half out. She was tall, slim and before I could look at her face, I noticed she was wearing a white power suit, as if on business. Reaching an elegant arm towards me, she uttered the words:

“I think you know who I am…”

In her hand was a white invitation. Before I could pay much attention to the writing on the paper, I was drawn suddenly to her face. Pale skin, a strong yet elegant nose, a serious mouth and jet black hair. Her eyes… when I finally locked with her gaze a world of infinity opened up to my soul. The power of attraction was like a gravitational pull nothing could resist. This wasn’t carnal in nature however, and nothing of her demeanour or appearance carried that notion, yet despite this, I felt an inexplicable draw that at once felt fantastical, yet familiar. Like arriving home, yet you didn’t realize your true home lay in such a sensational place.

As she pulled me further into her realms I lost my sense of place and purpose. I don’t have much recollection of where that space was, yet next I know, I can feel myself held aloft before her, head back and eyes locked. I was allowed another vantage point before the dream slid into the waking world. An energy exchange could be seen from the side, no, more like a one-way street. Crystalline blocks of etheric information was passing from her now unseen form into my floating body.

I woke now, and in the way that the atmosphere of a strong dream can carry with you into the waking world, the most incredible feeling of completeness and vitality remained with me. I was aroused on all levels. Naturally, I wrote all this down in my journal, where I noted that the time had been midnight, on a new moon, Thursday night. The very next day I had been working in a valley in the hills near Yetholm, when a raven haired woman, with the same strong features, paid a random visit to my client while I was outside. I was gobsmacked. I had never felt so immersed in a current like this before. Driving back home that afternoon, I noticed a deer running through the grassy field alongside the road, so I slowed to match it’s speed, and as I did so, a heron flew over the car at an angle, and passed right over the head of the sprinting doe…

A couple of weeks had passed, and I had dove head first into reading anything I could find on Hecate. I learned she exalted in running with the deer, which made me grin like a loon. I felt frustrated though. Did I have to just wait for the next clue? Apparently so, yet not for long. I had started to follow Jason’s blog on my phone, and lying in bed one morning I saw an announcement. A course which had been only accessible to students of Strategic Sorcery was being offered to the public for the first time: The Sorcery of Hekate. Now, some of the more mundane features of the dream made sense. I signed up immediately and counted down the days until the first class. I had learned already that the course involved 100 repetitions of IO HEKA IO HO per day. I had toyed with the idea of beginning this practise in advance, just to try and connect sooner, out of impatience mostly. Meanwhile, I had jury duty coming up and I was dreading it. I created a sigil to get me out of this, and fired it off, so to speak. Waiting in the side room of the court the next day, a clerk came through very last minute to apologise for wasting our time. One of the accused had neglected to show up. The case had been postponed. Could we come back next week? Nope.

I now felt it only appropriate to start these mantras. I had a jar of dried rowan berries I had collected earlier, so strung 100 of them on red thread, and began counting them off each night. It felt good to show some devotion, but no dogs howling or underworld ground shaking type stuff resulted. That would come later (well, my neighbour’s barking hounds at least.)

Once the class began, I pulled up the image of her given, and recited the mantra. The first day I did this, looking her in the eyes made the connection of the dream come back instantly. She almost stepped into my soul. I could feel her caress up my spine and neck. She leaves you changed, every time you sit to do the work. From then on, living in Edinburgh became very interesting indeed. Strange synchronicities. A city haunted so deeply that lighting a beacon for them made life feel at times like a fantasy.

Spirit contacts aside, the personal change in me was the most noticeable. I had heard someone describe Hecate as “eating your miasma”. This summed up perfectly how under control my inner demons had become. I was more confident, sharper in wit and sight yet to be honest, before long she started to get pissed off with me. I had started manifesting what I wanted before I could create a petition to her formally. The sorcery taught us only strengthened the ability to get what I wanted, and family and friends seemed to be having better luck too. It got to my head, and she was quick to point this out. One day I was striding nonchalantly over the road when a guy in a car wound his window down and shouted “DICK!” at me as he drove past. The next day, someone else did the same, only at a set of traffic lights. I could swear I wasn’t doing anything deserving of such attention. The next day, something else I can’t remember happened in the same fashion. I had gotten the message. A striking snake head rose up when I sat at her altar. I had the strong sense to check my ego, and put my head back down to work.


3 black dogs barking in the video I was just shown randomly. 3 guys wearing red shoes were walking past 3 girls wearing red kilts. Nick told me later that at the three way crossroads where we had broken down, and I had been offering suppers to her, a woman had walked past with her black dog. Sat on the bus later today I get a text from Ben:

“That Hekate has a sense of humour doesn’t she?”

My journal became stuffed with epiphanies, visions, ghosts and spirits. Looking back through it now I’m reminded of how pivotal Hecate was in my life. Was she always waiting and watching, or did I step into a current, and her intention to reach the right people? There are many ways to connect with Hecate. For example, Jeff Cullen’s Liber Kthonia is an incredible book, offering many ways to customize a cult to Her in the most personal of directions. Jack Grayle’s Hekateaon continues to garner praise, although i’ve yet to get my hands on a damn copy. Sorcery of Hekate requires time, money and dedication to a specific set of techniques, yet in doing so, she reveals so many pathways and potentialities. I would recommend nothing but finding the best way to Her you can, and opening yourself up to her guidance. Take it seriously though, as she will scare you and school you if you dabble, or do things half-heartedly.

Soon I reached a blockage. Myself. She appeared to me once when I had barely sat down and shut my eyes. “What is it that you want?”

And I had never dared to ask myself that before. A life of resignation and isolation had robbed me of a sense of self. I was becoming stronger, evolving under her guidance, but I was treading water now. If you really dared to dream again, like you did as a kid, what would you see? If you had the tools to shift your reality to your choosing, what would you do? Do you even believe in what might be possible? Here is where the deeper soul searching really began. It took courage and time to realize what my heart desires, free from constraint. This marked the start of a painful process of tearing down old relationships, old patterns of limiting thought and beliefs. The wrong locations and jobs. I was forced to learn what really mattered to me in life. I seem destined to remain on the outskirts, and now I am very comfortable with that, but to get here I was forced to abandon an urge for acceptance from the wider world. Forced to learn more of the nature of feminine power. Forced to confront myself time and time again. She shook my world at its very foundations and even when leading me to other teaching spirits, never left. She showed me what I was capable of, and that hasn’t let up. Her secrets are limitless. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

5 thoughts on “Queen of Darkness

    1. TheLuckenHare

      Thanks man. It means alot from you. She is very much attracted to magical folks. Maybe it’s more the other way around eh!


      1. Indeed! I had a very powerful experience after leaving an offering of food and milk at the 3 Road crossroads I live on! I did an invocation of Isis, then Hekate, the evoked Astaroth. My life exploded like the ‘Lightening Struck Tower’ but things have been rebuilt in a positive way! Keep up the Great Work mate!!


      2. TheLuckenHare

        Oh that’s so cool. You living at a three way crossroads is just calling for that sort of work. Thanks again for the kind words mate.


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